OK, since I promised to start my BLOG today, I better start writing. My social media is being worked on by the world-renowned design artist David Stepen. Not sure how that’s going to work….we’re meeting tomorrow night. For now, I’ll say that it’s really ironic that, on the last day I worked in my Dad’s law firm, on April 30, 2003, I received my May 2003 edition of MIX Magazine. The front cover read: “IS THE MUSIC BUSINESS IS DEAD?!” I had worked there for 17 years, while running my music business part-time. Was this really such a good idea? What was I thinking?

Well, 12+ years later, we’re still here! Technology has forever changed the face of the recording world but there is still a real need for real studios to compliment all the great work that is coming out of everyone’s personal studios………More Will Be Revealed, I’m sure. For now, it’s late, I’m tired and I’m off to bed…….

In Loving Service I remain-