Evolution 1_1

My first "studio" A Korg Poly 61, A Roland Drum Machine, a Tascam PortaOne Studio and some pedals.

Evolution 1_2 much fun!

Evolution 1_3

Here's ZIpper, the first "Studio Manager...

Evolution 1_4

Nice Casio keys

Evolution 1_5

Hi-tech acoustic treatments - White dress shirts....

Evolution 2_1

The new control room....yes, that's a Tascam 238 8-track cassette machine

Evolution 2_2

AN ADA MP-1 and a Carvin Quad x - Grant Tye had the ADA, so I had to get one.....

Evolution 2_3

JBL 4408's and the old Korg A3....with more goodies...

Evolution 2_4

Mutron 3 and analog delays and more goodies....mmmm!

Evolution 2_5

A Mesa Boogie and a JC-120 under the "keys"........