Evolution 4_3

Another mix of old and new. The Macs have gotten smaller. The ADATs are paperweights.....

Evolution 4_4

A mix of old and new

Evolution 4_5

Tubes, spring reverbs and so much more....

Evolution 4_6

Sweet Analog Heaven! I love the Distressors.

Evolution 4_7

The Roland V Drum Kit with the TD-8 brain

Evolution 4_8

One of my favorites - the Lawson L47 Tube mic.

Evolution 4_9

Can you ever have too may mics?

Evolution 4_10

Alesis QS-8 and Korg i3 in the "new" room

Evolution 5_1

The downtown control room

Evolution 5_2

The SSL 4064, Genelecs, NS-10ms and more