The 1st Evolution of The Street Factory

This is the birthplace of The Street Factory! “My first studio was located in my Bedroom closet. Check out the “High Tech” acoustical treatment: white dress shirts on one side for absorption & diffusion; shirts, jackets and miscellaneous clothing provided Bass Traps on the other side! “My recording medium was a Tascam/Teac Porta-One Portastudio. My “Console” as a Boss BX-8 keyboard mixer, an 8 channel $200 item. Talk about high end gear! There was one microphone, a Shure SM-58. Keyboards were played live, no MIDI here…a Korg Poly61 and a Casio CZ230! Basically, I recorded and jammed on my own songs. I recorded one complete song for a friend entitled “Penelope”. AAAHHH, things were so simple then. Just Plug-n-Play.



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