The 7th Evolution of The Street Factory

My beautiful girls had grown up and were busy with wonderful lives. My son Kyle, our dog Puggles and I moved to the North West Suburbs and found a great new home that needed a gut rehab. Not far from it, the 7th studio was built from the ground up. Using everything I had learned, I hired electricians to install special clean, regulated power throughout the facility. My Uncle Arthur helped me get the contractors – Bomber and Company. They handled all of the framing according to specs from Chris Pelonis and that left the lion’s share for me and my son Kyle. My Uncle Arthur was a huge help, seeing as we needed a level-headed problem solver and I was too emotionally close to the project more often than not.

We broke ground on October 1, 2013 and it started getting cold fast. That was the winter were we had -40F below with those deadly wind chills. Working that winter was hard but rewarding. The new studio would consist of a large tracking room, an iso booth and a spacious control room. Between my Uncle Arthur, my son Kyle and myself, we built a room within the room for the tracking room – double sided double 5/8th inch fire-rated drywall – 70 pounds each – on all of the ceiling, walls and surrounding areas. Same for the Control room and iso booth. The ceilings in the control room were slanted 10 foot ceilings.

Now, it was just me and my son Kyle. We actually did quite well, given our limited skill set. When finished, we had tongue & groove pine, aesthetically pleasing wall coverings, 2 x 4 x 4″ bass traps with Owens Corning 705 combined with Auralex 4″pyramids, 12″ wedges, and spot-treatment where needed. This and several gobos and the studio was coming together nicely.

The new studio was going to be a hybrid design, marrying the best of the analog world with the best of the digital world. Two custom built desks handled the Mac and PC, each running UA Apollo interfaces with an Apollo 8 and an Apollo 16 used with Dangerous Music’s DBOX and 2BUS summing boxes. Racks and racks of gear have been replaced with UAD Plugins……OK, so I went a bit overboard and we have ALL of their plugins released to date. We did keep several pieces of analog gear to supplement the plugins: 2 EL8X Distressors, 8 channels of Neve 1073’s, lots of tube compressors and mic pres and a Yamaha O2R96V2 VCM and Mackie Onyx 32 x 8 x 2 to handle mixing chores when we mix out of the box.

I’ll add more as I can but all of the pics are in the GEAR section under EVOLUTION 7. The Journey Continues and I am grateful to still be in business 28 years after that 1st “studio” was born in a small walk-in closet. I will add that there are several things and several people that I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to: God/The Lord/whatever you want to call that higher power –– that I am so fortunate to have in my life; the beautiful Amanda Yale and Laura Beecher, the best daughters in the world; Arthur and Karen Levin for all of their support, help and encouragement along the way, my Mom for all of her love, help and support as The Street Factory continues to grow and, most of all, my son Kyle –– the inspiration and guiding light that helps keep me moving forward when nothing else can. Oh, yeah, and our beautiful Puggle named Puggles.


Yours in loving service-




Kenneth Barnard