Ken BarnardKenneth Barnard has been pursuing his passion for making music for over four decades. A guitar player since age 7, he has grown from a hobbyist to a seasoned session guitarist and highly regarded Audio Engineer. He grew up in the North Shore Village of Winnetka and developed his passion for electronics and electrical gear while working at New Trier High School’s own Radio Station, WNTH 88.1 FM. “ I have always been fascinated with electronics and soon developed a passion for recording music and working with electrical equipment. I went on to Columbia College to study Music Business in their Arts And Entertainment Management Program – AAEMP”, notes Barnard. “As my passion grew, I went to Devry Institute of Technology and studied Electrical Engineering. Now, a little knowledge became a dangerous thing and I began collecting a vast array of musical toys. By the time I was 23, I was recording demos for anyone who would let me, My first studio was located in a large “Walk-in” Closet!!! Since then, I have studied under Malcolm Chisolm and Murray Allen and have been active in the development and continued growth of The Street Factory since it’s inception in late 1987.”

Today, Barnard is more than just the Owner and Operations Manager for The Street Factory and Street Factory Music. He is the Senior Technical Advisor and runs The Street Factory’s Mastering Suite, which opened in 1994. He also oversees and runs The Street Factory’s Post Production Facilities, most recently working with Nugs.TV on the new “live streaming” business model. In addition to that, he manages the Studio’s day-to-day business operations and wears many different hats. He handles A/P and A/R; all shipping and receiving and handles the direct marketing of The Street Factory via Marketing Campaigns, Trade Shows and Social Media. He is also active in the Chicago music scene representing several local artists as their Music Business Consultant.